Little image of a painting of outside of the shop.   Duccio and Lamberto Banchi, "Bronzisti"

Artisans in Bronze

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About Us


Maintaining the traditions of Florentine artisans, Duccio and Lamberto Banchi specialize in the handcrafting of artistic items in bronze,  including picture frames, lamps, and fixtures for furniture and doors. They also reproduce bronze artworks and restore bronze antiques such as statues and clocks.

Image of the shop interior
Center of the front room of the shop.

via dei Serragli, 10r
50124 Firenze
Tel 39-055-294694

P.IVA It 00283460483

Image of the shop as seen from the street.
  Street view, Duccio and Lamberto Bianchi, Bronzisti, via dei Serragli, 10r, Florence, Italy


Last updated: July 19, 2004