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Ph.D., Natural Resource Economics, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (1989)
Dissertation: The Use of Count Data Models in Travel Cost Analysis: An Application to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area
Master of Forest Science, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (1986).
Major area: Natural Resource Economics
B.A., Economics and General Science, Brandeis University, Waltham MA. (1983)
Phi Beta Kappa

Agricultural Economist: U.S.D.A. Economic Research Service, Resources and Rural Economics Division, 10/1989 - present.

Staff research economist: U.S. Forest Service, Rocky Mntn. Forest and Range Experiment Station, Ft. Collins CO., 1987-1988.

Research assistant/statistician: Industrial Economics Inc., Cambridge MA., 1986-1987.

Computer Programmer: Rosenstiel Biophysics Laboratory, Brandeis University, Waltham MA, 1983-1984.


Recent Certificates of Merit and awards (ERS): Helios Award in April 2005, July 2004, June 2004, Feb 2003, June 2002, Secretary Honors Award for Excellence (Farm Bill Analysis Team) in May 2002

MEMBERSHIPS:   American Economics Association
American Agricultural Economics Association
Association of Environmental and Resource Economists


Journal Articles and Book Chapters -- Forthcoming or Published

The Value of the Reservoir Services Gained with Soil Conservation. With Leroy Hansen. Forthcoming in Land Economics.

Farmland Preservation Programs and the Importance of Rural Amenities. With Cynthia Nickerson.. In Economic and Contemporary Land Use Policy: Development and Conservation at the Rural-Urban Fringe, edited by Robert Johnston and Stephen Swallow. Resources for the Future, 2006.

Designing a Contingent-Valuation Study to Estimate the Benefits of the Conservation Reserve Program on Grassland Bird Populations, with Kevin Boyle and Mary Ahearn. In Contingent Valuation Handbook, editors Anna Alberini and James Kahn, Edward Elgar Press. 2006..

Modeling Discrete Choice with Uncertain Data: An Augmented MNL Estimator. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 87 (1), February 2005.

Farm Recreation. With James Barry. In Outdoor Recreation for 21st Century America, edited by Ken Cordell, Venture Press, 2004.

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Interpreting the Reverse Multinomial Logit as a Count Data Model. Hellerstein, Daniel. Leisure Sciences, January 1990.

Journal Articles -- Submitted

Single Bounded versus Multiple Bounded Estimators: Some Evidence on Efficiency Gains. With Kevin Boyle. Under review at the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

ERS Reports and other Papers

USDA Land Retirement Programs: Status, History, and Trends. Chapter 5.2 in Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators, 2006 Edition. ERS/USDA. August 2006.

Conservation Programs: Balancing Outcomes With a Selection Index. With Cynthia Nickerson. Amber Waves. June 2006.

Better Targeting, Better Outcomes. With Leroy Hansen. USDA/ERS Economic Briefs #2. March 2006. http://www.ers.usda.gov/Publications/E2/

Balancing the Multiple Objectives of Conservation Programs. With Andrea Cattaneo, Cynthia Nickerson, and Christina Myers. USDA/ERS Economics Research Report #19. May 2006

The Conservation Reserve Program: Economic Implications for Rural America. With Patrick Sullivan et al. USDA/ERS Agricultural Economics Report #834. September 2004..

Conservation Reserve Program: Economic and Social Impacts on Rural Counties. With Patrick Sullivan, Charles Barnard, Robert Johansson, Ruben Lubowski, William Mcbride, David McGranahan, Richard Reeder, Michael Roberts, and Stephen Vogel. ERS Report to Congress, Feb. 2004

The Conservation Reserve Program: Balancing Environmental Goals and Rural Community Impacts. Amber Waves, 2004. http://www/AmberWaves/June04/Findings/HowDoesFarmland.htm

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AREI Chapter 3.1: The Benefits of Biological Resources, with Peter Feather and Leroy Hansen


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Review of Multiple-Use Management: The Economics of Public Forestlands Planning, by Michael Bowes and John Krutilla. Daniel Hellerstein. Journal of Agricultural Economics Research, 42 (1990),30:31.

ERS Reports, Data Products, and other Papers -- In Preparation

The public demand for on-farm recreation. With James Barry For release as an Agricultural Indicators, or other such short paper.

Presented papers

Modeling Conservation Program Impacts: Accounting for participation using bootstrapping. AAEA Summer meetings, Long Beach CA. July 2006.

Estimating Discrete Choice Models with Noisy Data: An Investigation of Several Methodologies. 3rd World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists. Kyoto Japan. July 2006.

Estimating the National Recreational Benefits from the Conservation Reserve Program. With Kevin Egan. Presentation at W-1133 meetings, Salt Lake City. March 2005.

Conservation Policy and Agiculture in the US: Valuing the Impacts of the CRP. Presentation at the OECD Workshop on Evaluating Agri-environmental Policies, Paris. December 2004.

Estimating the National Recreation Benefits from the Conservation Reserve Program. With Kevin Egan. Presentation at the Heartland Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop, Ames Iowa.

Increased Reservoir Benefits: The Value of Soil Conservation. With Leroy Hansen. AAEA Summer Meetings, Denver CO. July 2004.

Protecting Rural Amenities through Farmland Protection Programs. AAEA Summer Meetings, 2004.

The Conservation Reserve Programís Economic and Social Impacts on Rural Counties: Results from an Interagency Stucy. With Patrick Sullivan. CRP: Planting for the Future. Ft Collins CO June 2004.

Visiting Farms for Fun: Using NSRE Data to Measure Participation Rates and Reasons for Taking a Trip. With James Barry W133, Las Vegas Nevada, Feburary 2003.

Protecting Rural Amenities through Farmland Protection Programs. Presented at the NAREA Land Use Workshop, Camp Hill, PA. June 2002.

Announcing ERSís Most Recent Report on Farmland Protection. A talk and presentation at the 25th anniversary of the Massachusetts APR Program, Deerfield MA. Nov 2002.

Single Bounded versus Multiple Bounded Estimators: Some Evidence on Efficiency Gains. W133, Miami Florida, March 2001.

Discussant:Opaluch/Swallow and Hoehn/Lupi presentations. EPA Stated Preference Symposium. Oct 2000 Washington DC.

Test of Scope in Contingent-Valuation Studies: Are the Numbers for the Birds (revisited)? ASSA Jan 2000, Boston MA.

Valuing Outdoor Recreational Effects of Rural Conservation Programs:Constructing travel cost models when recreational sites are ill-defined RFF Seminar Series, Washington DC October 1999.

Analysis of Wildlife Recreation Using the FHWAR . W133, Colorado Springs Colorado, March 1998.

International Association of Environmental Economics, Venice Italy, March 1998. "Test of Scope in Contingent-Valuation Studies: Are the Numbers for the Birds" (presented by coauthor Kevin Boyle)

Quantile Methods of Using Count Data Model in Travel Demand Prediction W133, Jekyl Island Georgia. March 1996

Valuing Rural Environmental Amenities: Modeling Considerations, and Preliminary Results from the NSRE W133 Meetings, Monterey California., March 1995

Environmental Accounting and Agriculture. AERE Workshop, Boulder CO, June 1994. "" (presented by coauthors Kelly Eakin, James Hrubovcak, and Michael LeBlanc).

A Theoretical Foundation for Applying Count Data Models to Travel Cost Analysis . AAEA summer meetings, August 1992

Estimating Consumer Surplus in the Censored Linear Model AAEA summer meetings, August 1991

The Treatment of Non-participants in Travel Cost Analysis. Economic Value of Wilderness, May 1991

Analyzing Outdoor Recreation Over Time Trends in Recreation Symposia III, March 1990

Reviewed Articles for:

American Journal of Agricultural Economics

Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Water Resources Research

Land Economics

Leisure Sciences

Environmental and Resource Economics.

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

Staff Activities

Coordinator of ERSís review of the OECD Inventory of Policy Measures Addressing Environmental Issues In Agriculture web page, 2003.

ERS representative on the the FSA-led "CRP Analytic Group", 2003 to present.

Coordinator for ERS participation in the National Policy Implications of the Demand for Open Space survey team (2003 to present).

Coordinator for ERS participation in the National Survey of Recreation and the Environment (1994 and 2002)

Review of NSF Geography and Regional Science proposal #0242516. With Andrea Cattaneo. October 2002.

Review revised memo on valuing fish kills for EPA's economic analysis of proposed concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) regulations. With Marc Ribaudo. July 2002.

The 2002 Farm Bill: Provisions and Economic Implications (side-by-side). With Roger Claasen and others.

Coauthored staff analysis of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changeís 3rd assessment report

Coauthored staff analysis of , and the analysis of the EPA critique of the Yazoo Backwater project. October 2000.

Authored staff analysis on Methods of Valuing Urban Trees . 1999.

Co-authored "Improving Social and Economic Analysis for Valuing Nonmarket Ecosystem Services" for the Integrated Science for Sustainable Ecosystems initiative of the National Science and Technology Council, Committee on Environment and Natural Resources (with Robbin Shoemaker). 1999.

Member of the Panel on Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting, National Research Council . 1998.

Coauthored staff analysis on the draft RIA of the final water quality standards ofthe Bay/Delta (1994).

Authored staff analysis on the Strategy for Earthquake Loss Reduction (1993).

Review team for NOAA's "type A" model (1992)

Principal co-ordinator of ERS participation in, the National Survey of Recreation and the Environment (1994 and 2000).

Served on National Science Foundation panel (1989).


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