SuDoku Puzzle Assistant

This won't solve your puzzles, but it does help avoid pencil, erase, pencil, erase, mess....

Sample puzzles

  1. easy puzzle
  2. mild puzzle
  3. difficult puzzle
  4. fiendish puzzle
  5. difficult 68
  6. fiendish 93
  7. difficult 74


The basic premise of this SuDoku assistant is to help you solve the puzzle.
There are many levels of help.
The simplest is letting you note what values a cell can have, in a way that doesn't involve lots of erasing!
You can also tell SuDoku to do some simple tasks to help identify possible values (such as noting cell-specific impermissible values, filling in singles, and finding unique values).
Although these tasks are straightforward (they are notational rather than logical), they can be repetitive... hence subject to mistake when done by hand

However, iteratively choosing these simple tasks and updating will automatically solve most puzzles!

Your challenge: solve the puzzle using as little help from the SuDoku assistant as possible!

Do you have questions or comments? Would you like to add a puzzle to the sample list? Then contact me: Daniel Hellerstein